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@Burning Man / Black Rock City / Nevada / USA

Being at Burning Man is an experience for everybody.

Whatever it is for each person, people are exploring landscapes, rough environments, art, feelings , love, friendships, fears, tears or laughs.

Each person has its own story and this Art installation is a way to explore all their feelings.

Doing this Art in a such difficult place gives the Artpiece itself a great story and everybody is invited to participate and bring their souls in there.

This is a lightful showdown between rough and natural elements and humanity that each one has to play with.

This boat will explore the parallels universe you are in or you want to: it's up to you to take this trip until the end or to get off it according your mood and your will.

This is an interation between Art and people, between a place and moving human beings.

And in the middle stands a static Art installation whose limits of reality and dream are symbolized by the luminous sea that you have to cross.

This installation is about the great ship we make living and crossing various univers in our lives.

This is now the beginning of your great escape.

Take part at this great escape climbing on the mystical ship in the multiverse.

The great escape is the 2020 Burning Man project by the.mystical.mermaid in Black Rock City.

Thanxxxxx for your support !

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Paris-based Architect since 2003, I’m doing various others experiences linked with architecture  in my professional life. After first have worked in offices, on town planning, architecture, interior, design, furnitures, I use those skills to create interactive art linked to places.
Curious about everything, I like to travel and discover new places, cultures, art, techniques and ways of life that inspire and contribute to my works and projects.
Most of my works talks about polar areas which are my favorite focus.

Using the various skills and techniques I already worked with, I started to prototype a big part of my works whatever was the subject.
Modeling is what I do most of the time. Creating is what I do all the time. I now integrate others techniques such as 3D-Printing, laser- or water-cutting in my works and I keep updated with new methods to create with.
By working both as an architect, an artist, an explorer I can easily make, manage, direct, coordinate, follow up all the projects I am involved in.

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